Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Last Night in Paris

When I got back to Paris this afternoon, I came back to the apartment, had lunch, and posted to the blog. And then I started to get extremely depressed. The realization that this amazing experience is quickly coming to an end is hitting me hard. I've been fighting back tears on and off all day. I know many of you don't understand that. All I can say is that I love this place more than any other and I feel like this is home. I have always felt that way about Paris, but even more so now that I have spent an extended time here. And so to have to leave this place is sort of heartbreaking.

I thought about running all over Paris tonight - you know, one last hurrah. But I have done that every day for the past two months. And what I'm going to miss most is 'living' here. So I decided to spend my last couple of hours this evening just walking around 'my neighborhood' trying to memorize every detail of the sights and sounds that have become so familiar to me. One last visit to the market. A swing by the metro stop I walk to several times each day. One last check of my mailbox. A few last photos and video clips.

I can't believe how fast my time here has gone by.

It's 8:00pm here now. I just cooked my "last supper". I haven't started packing yet. Once I start packing, I won't be able to maintain any sense of denial.

I loved every minute of living here and still can't believe I was lucky enough to have this chance - it's something I wanted so badly but never thought I'd ever be able to do.

I just wish it didn't have to end.

Time to pack...

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