Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Can Hear the Clock Ticking...

I just got home from school and made myself some lunch. Tomorrow is my last day of classes at the Alliance Francaise. Even if I were staying in Paris longer, I think I'd have to take a little break from classes - we started working on other 'tenses' (i.e. past tense) and my brain is about to short circuit - my 'internal CPU' is running at maximum capacity :-) I do hope to find a class I can register for back in Florida so I can continue with French and not lose too much of the ground I've gained here acquiring these language skills.

Tomorrow as soon as class is over, I will go straight to the train station to catch the Thalys (high speed TGV train) to Brussels, Belgium. It's only 1 hour 20 minutes away. I love Brussels and they have a wonderful Christmas market, so I decided to squeeze in one more country (ha!) before my 'adventure' ends. The Grand Place is so beautiful at Christmas, click here to check out "Winter Wonders" in Brussels during the holidays.

I'll be staying overnight in Brussels tomorrow night at the Warwick Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place (a wonderful hotel by the way), returning to Paris on Saturday afternoon.

And then the fun really begins....
packing for the return trip home :-(

My shuttle is picking me up at 10am Sunday morning to take me to the airport, so yep, you guessed it - I'll likely be up ALL night Saturday trying to stuff everything into my suitcases!

But today - just this one more day - I still have Paris. So as I write this, I'm putting on my boots and heading out the door. Not sure where I'm going this afternoon, we'll see where my wandering feet take me :-)

More later...

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Anonymous said...

The Grand Place "Winter Wonders" and the Warwich Royal Windsor look fabulous. Have a great time in Brussels.