Monday, November 17, 2008

La Madeleine

Somehow, I never saw the Eglise de Madeleine on any of my previous trips to Paris. Since this stay is a quest to see as much as I can that I haven't before, I headed over to check it out. The church was designed in 1764 and as you'll see in the photos, quite beautiful.

In the are surrounding the Place de la Madeleine are many high fashion stores and gourmet food shops. One of them - La Maison de la Truffe - had some truffles in the window priced at 2,500 Euros for one kilogram!

From the steps of Madeleine you can see the Place de la Concorde, so I walked down and took a few night pics. In the Place de la Concorde is an Egyptian Obelisk from a 3,000+ year old Luxor temple that was a gift to France from Egypt in 1833. Also in the Place de la Concorde - but only around the holidays - is a giant ferris wheel. I didn't go up in it, but I may before I leave Paris. We'll see how my ride on the Eye in London goes on Saturday!

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