Friday, December 5, 2008

$108 Million in Diamonds Stolen in Paris Last Night!

Did you hear about this??? It's apparently one of the world's largest jewel heists!

Good thing I decided to go walking down the Champs Elysee TONIGHT and not last night.

Click here to read all about it!


Anonymous said...

Remember what I told you about walking around at night.

Anonymous said...

And remember what I told you... Paris is NOT like the United States :-) Yes,, I was walking around last night until about 11pm - and there were literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of people walking around beside me. It's Christmas in Paris - everyone is out! Don't worry... I'm 100% safe :-)

Anonymous said...

p.s. The jewel heist happened during the day :-)

Anonymous said...

Was it the Pink Panther???? lol