Monday, November 3, 2008

L'accident: An Update

So after the shower incident on Friday night, I spent all day Saturday in the apartment with my foot up alternating between ice and compression. By the time it got dark I was starving (and more importantly had run out of Diet Coke), so I hobbled (literally) across the street to the market to buy some food. (Note to self: remember to only buy as much as you can carry AND as much as will fit in a tiny mini-fridge!)

Saturday I kept off the ankle until mid-afternoon and then I just couldn't take being in Paris and being locked away in my apartment for another minute! So I put on my old-school hightop black sneakers (which were GREAT because they totally supported my ankle) and I went out exploring!

I walked close by to the Rue Montorgueil which is one of Paris' oldest market streets. It's pedestrian only and full of shops and cafes. Then I walked over past the Louvre, across the Seine, over to Notre Dame Cathedral, back over the Seine, through the Marais district (w/a pit stop at a crepe stand for a piping hot crepe fromage) and then back to my apartment - about 4 hours of walking. I know, I know... but it was such a nice afternoon! Anyhow, resting my ankle all day Saturday and wearing the hightops seemed to do the trick. I was a little sore when I got home, but by this morning, my ankle is almost feeling normal again - yeah!

So tonight I went to Monoprix - kind of like a Super Target, but tiny so imagine a Micro Target! I couldn't find a mat for the shower of death, but I found these little suction cup fish. Of course when I took a shower tonight, the fish started moving. Or were they swimming...

Who knew that the most dangerous thing about living in a foreign country would be taking a shower!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Gina, so on sunday night i decided to look on here and when i read that you had hurt your ankle, i told my whole family because we were all in the kitchen at the time. So i ended up reading the whole day to everyone. We hope you are doing better.
Jess and Family and Kevin