Friday, October 31, 2008

L'appartement à Paris

I haven't taken any photos of the place yet, but I realized that the pics of the apartment that the agency has on their Web site are pretty representative, so until I get things personalized a bit and take my own shots, here's a sneak peak at my tiny, tiny little studio!

A couple things you don't see in the photos... in the kitchen there is another wall that has a toaster oven, microwave and the tiniest washing machine (for clothes) I've ever seen! And in the bathroom, there is a shower (no tub). I just opened up the couch into the bed and it fills the room! But really, it's just fine for me. Let's call it cozy ;-) The building is really nice and very secure. And the apartment is very clean and has everything (blow dryer, vacuum, iron, dishes).

And most importantly, I have all the gadgets I need - high speed internet, hundreds of cable tv channels (albeit only a few in English), a nice flat panel tv, dvd player and stereo system. I brought my computer of course. And I also brought a printer, so I used the table to set up a little workstation/desk.

I'm still not totally unpacked... little storage space so it's taking some time to figure out where to put things. Tomorrow I'll finish up and go to the store to get some groceries (all I have in my fridge right now is diet coke, water and a baguette)! I also want to pick up a few things to make the place seem a little more homey as I get settled in for my stay here in Paris.

I'm about a 5 minute walk to the nearest Metro station. Today I bought my Navigo Decouverte card. It's a photo ID 'smart card' for tourists that I bought prepaid for the month of November, so all I have to do is wave it in front of the turnstiles in the Metro instead of buying hundreds of little paper tickets (billets) while I'm here. It will be much more convenient, but I'm kind of going to miss those little paper tickets. Ah, the march of progress...

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