Friday, November 21, 2008

Fashion Show @ Galeries Lafayette

The major department stores (Galeries Lafayette and Printemps) put on fashion shows each week, so I thought in my quest for an authentic Paris experience, this would be a good thing to add to the agenda.

The show was pretty interesting! Check out the clothes and styles by clicking on the link below to view all the photos from the fashion show today. I also took a few video brief video clips.

Two things to notice in the videos...

1) You'll see a girl with a big/bulky shiny black bomber-style type jacket with horizontal ribbing - those jackets are EVERYWHERE here. Everyone is wearing them. Personally, I don't really like them because they are so bulky. But I guess if you are super skinny you can get away with it.

2) On some of the girls in the video you'll see they are wearing black knee-high trouser socks/stockings with shoes. The video may look like they are boots, but they aren't. I haven't seen anyone out and about like that, but that's probably because it is winter and that may be more of a spring thing. Just thought it looked odd to see knee high stockings with a dress. But on the models it looked cool :-)

Click here to view all of today's photos (11/21/08)


Anonymous said...

Fashion Show-how cool. Just posting some comments on your blogs. Have a good time on the rest of your trip.

G. Blair said...

Puffer jackets! Agreed...not sure how I'd feel looking like the Michelin tire man ~ Gail